I turned my passion into a career with a 23-week course.

I discovered that it is actually possible to build a career in the IT industry without any coding knowledge.

Hello! I'm Fatih, born in Istanbul in 1979. After teaching for 16 years in Turkey, I found myself in Germany in 2018. I dedicated a year and a half to learning the language and adapting to a new country. However, my passion for the IT industry and the support of those around me led me down a new path. Today, I want to share my success story in the IT field and emphasize the importance of hard work, determination, and supportive education.

Discovering a New Direction
With a background in sociology, I initially considered pursuing a career in teaching. However, the language requirements in my state posed challenges. While exploring alternative paths, I noticed that some friends were taking IT courses. Inspired by their experiences, I decided to explore the field of IT and enrolled in the euroTech Study IT course.

The Importance of Mentorship
Throughout my journey, I had the privilege of receiving guidance and mentorship from Mr. Erdoğan, who was both my teacher and mentor. The educational process had its ups and downs, but the support from Emin Hoca, Yıldıray, Mine Hoca, and the motivational coaching and mentorship sessions held on weekends kept my motivation high. Additionally, the unwavering support of Gökmen Hoca, Veli Hoca, Emre, and Emircan outside of the course further strengthened my determination.

Understanding the Value of Education
During the course, two significant realizations occurred. Firstly, I discovered my great interest and need for the IT field. Secondly, I understood the depth and expertise provided by the course, which allowed me to expand my knowledge in the IT field. It wasn't until I entered the workforce that I truly grasped the value of the education I received. The practical work and challenges in the industry exceeded the course content and helped me understand the real value of my education.

Learning Through Experience
My internship was a transformative learning experience. Immersing myself in a real work environment, collaborating with a team, and participating in unique projects were invaluable. The responsibilities I undertook during my internship further developed my IT skills. Solving real-life problems, experiencing the dynamics of the business world, and interacting with colleagues provided valuable lessons.

Building Confidence and Perseverance
After completing my internship, I started working independently. I dedicated myself to deepening my knowledge, applying the skills I learned, and staying informed about industry developments. Along this path, my confidence grew, and I had complete belief in my ability to succeed in the IT field. With unwavering motivation, I worked diligently towards my goals. Ultimately, I passed my exams with great success and achieved high scores in IT certifications.

The Power of Support and Mentorship
An important factor in my success story was the presence of supportive education and mentorship programs. My instructors and mentors played a crucial role in motivating, guiding, and supporting me at every step. Benefiting from their experience and knowledge was instrumental in my journey to success.

Continuous Improvement and Overcoming Challenges
I utilized various resources such as textbooks, journals, articles, and online references to continuously improve my knowledge. Regular practice exams helped me enhance my skills and self-assessment highlighted areas that needed improvement. Effective study planning and time management allowed me to make the most of the intensive curriculum, increasing productivity and motivation.

The Power of a Support System
The unwavering support of my family, friends, and teachers played a vital role in my success. Their encouragement, motivation, and belief in me propelled me forward during challenging times. Collaborating, discussing questions, and supporting each other made the learning journey more enjoyable.

My journey to success in the IT field is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a supportive education process. By embracing a new direction, I developed my skills, overcame challenges, and continuously improved myself. The belief and support of my loved ones and mentors boosted my perseverance. I encourage anyone who wants to work in the IT field to strive for their goals, empower themselves with a supportive education program, and never give up. Dedication and proper guidance lead to success.