The inspiring story of Mrs. Cemile

How a female civil engineer completely changed her career and entered the world of coding?

In this blog post, I would like to share the major change I made in my life and the impact it had on my personal and professional development. As a civil engineering graduate living in Germany for 15 years, I never imagined myself working in the IT sector. However, upon a friend's recommendation, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and enroll in the Cyber Security IT course offered by euroTech Study. Little did I know that this decision would shape my future in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Discovering a New Field:
With a lifelong interest in computers but lacking the necessary skills, I took a leap of faith and joined euroTech Study. It was a decision I have never regretted. The comprehensive content of the course amazed me, as it prepared us for various positions and equipped us with knowledge in cybersecurity and other relevant topics. Despite having limited knowledge in this field, euroTech Study provided me with a solid foundation, opening doors to new job prospects in Germany.

Unwavering Support:
Throughout the course, I faced the challenge of balancing my studies with the responsibilities of being a parent to two children. However, the unwavering support of my teacher proved invaluable. Despite doubts and moments of uncertainty, I persevered and witnessed remarkable personal growth. Looking back, I can hardly recognize the person I was just a year ago. Although challenges still arise, I continue to progress and push myself further.

Practical Learning and Real-Life Applications:
As someone who had no prior knowledge of cybersecurity, I embarked on a journey of learning the fundamentals and applying them in real-life scenarios. The opportunity to practice in a laboratory environment allowed us to transform theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Moreover, the euroTech course provided me with the confidence to succeed in my first job interview after having an interview with an intermediary firm. I was able to start a job successfully, thanks to the knowledge and practical experience gained during the course.

Intensive Work with Rewarding Outcomes:
The intensity of the euroTech course demanded considerable effort, but the rewards were well worth it. Today, I find myself actively engaged in the daily work life and continuously growing. Despite moments of struggle, the guidance and support from our teachers helped me make progress in various areas. Laboratory work played a crucial role in solidifying our understanding and facilitating our grasp of the subjects. The challenging process of dedicating eight hours a day to these topics resulted in significant advancements in my knowledge and skills.

Certification and Language Skills:
Upon completing the course, we successfully passed the certification exams, solidifying our expertise in the field. Additionally, the course included support to improve our language skills, specifically in German. Currently, I am actively applying for jobs, and the knowledge and confidence gained from euroTech Study have greatly enhanced my performance in job interviews. Although I still face challenges, particularly with the German language, I strive to overcome them with the support of my teammates and a commitment to constant improvement.

Applying Learned Skills in Work and Life:
The ability to apply what I learned during euroTech Study in my work life is incredibly valuable to me. With my newfound cybersecurity skills, I can actively contribute to projects and efficiently solve various problems. The methods and analytical thinking skills acquired during the training process have proven beneficial in the workplace. Moreover, the general knowledge and skills gained from the course have had a positive impact on my daily life, improving my communication, problem-solving, and analytical thinking abilities.

Joining euroTech Study marked a significant turning point in my life. Despite the initial challenges I faced during the training process, the gains and self-confidence I obtained continue to motivate me. As I navigate through job applications, I firmly believe that the education received from euroTech Study will play an indispensable role in shaping my future career. This transformative journey of personal and professional development has instilled in me a drive to embrace future opportunities with enthusiasm. I eagerly look forward to what lies ahead, armed with the invaluable knowledge and skills gained from euroTech Study.