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euroTech Study GmbH is a Germany-based technology school offering world-class courses and bootcamps for all levels in the most demanding IT fields such as Software Testing Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Science, Back-end and Front-end Web Development, Geographical Information Systems.



Our mission is to provide content training that will enable even students with no IT background to be job-ready in high-demand technology industries. We are passionate and motivating when it comes to developing immersive programs and courses to help our trainees become highly skilled IT professionals.



We see a future where technology will unlock the potential of more people and communities. We believe that technology should be accessible and inclusive for everyone and that our graduates should use their skills to solve real problems and create positive change. Join us in our quest to create a better future through information technology.


How we help?

The IT sector is a much more dynamic market than other fields. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with evolving IT scenarios to stay current in the market. High speed of innovation requires you to take on specific roles such as Web Developer, SDET and Cyber Security. As euroTech Study, we are constantly updating our software training and getting our trainees one step ahead of the race.


Our core values

We adhere to a set of key principles that are meant to put us on the best possible course for achieving our purpose of improving IT skills for everyone.

  • We understand the importance of acting quickly because our business is dynamic.
  • Transparency, in our opinion, is the key to development and achievement.
  • As an IT school, we believe in taking initiative and embracing accountability.
  • We prioritize meeting learners and trainees needs above everything else.
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